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Ceramic antennas are a type of antenna that uses a ceramic material as its substrate. They are widely used in wireless communication systems due to their compact size, high performance, and low cost.
Ceramic antennas have a common type :GPS patch ceramic antennas,which flat and square-shaped, and they are commonly used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Ceramic antennas are an essential component of wireless communication systems, and they offer several advantages over other types of antennas. They are small in size, lightweight, highly stable, and cost-effective, making them an ideal choice for mass production. With the increasing demand for wireless communication systems, the use of ceramic antennas is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Metabee Ceramic Antenna Product Introduction

Products Feature

High Gain 28dBi
Real-time positioning, online navigation High-precision positioning, online real-time update of data, allowing you to avoid congestion, make the journey smoother, and use various models

Metabee Ceramic Antenna Product Feature (1)
Metabee Ceramic Antenna Product Feature (2)

Long Service Life, Durable
The connector is gold-plated, anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. Soft, firm, durable, high-density braided shielding layer, oxygen-free core, more stable and fast transmission. The long-term use signal is still stable as before

Different IPEX Connectors Match Different Bases
RF1.13 is the first generation (the first and 2nd generations share the same base), and RF0.81 is the 3rd-4th generation.

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Applications of Ceramic Antennas:
Ceramic antennas are widely used in various wireless communication systems, including mobile devices, wireless routers, smart home devices, and GPS receivers. In mobile devices, ceramic antennas are used to provide reliable connectivity for voice and data transmission. In wireless routers, ceramic antennas are used to transmit and receive signals over a wide range. In smart home devices, ceramic antennas are used to connect to the internet and other wireless devices. Finally, in GPS receivers, ceramic antennas are used to receive signals from GPS satellites and provide accurate location information.

Metabee Ceramic Antenna Product Application

Vending Machine
Smart Bracelet
Smart Home

Product Name

Ceramic GPS Antenna

Frequency Range


Operating Voltage






Max Power


Gain (dBi)

28dBi, Customized

Polarization Type


Operating Temperature


Cable Type

RF0.81, RF1.13, RG178, Customized

Antenna Connector

IPEX, Solder, Customized

Cable Length

10mm, Customized

Antenna Size

12*12mm, 15*15mm, 18*18mm, 25*25mm, Customized


Black, White, Customized

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