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M12 Connectors

Welcome to our collection of M12 connectors!

This category contains a large selection of M12 connectors. We designed them for exceptional performance, reliability, and durability. From field wireable connectors to panel mount connectors, we offer a variety of configurations to meet various installation requirements. Our connectors are made precisely and adhere to industry standards. So, they can ensure seamless compatibility and interoperability across various systems and devices.

Our connectors feature various coding options, including A-coded, B-coded, D-coded, L-coded, and X-coded variants. You can select the perfect connector for your specific application. Whether you need power, signal, or data transmission, our circular connectors deliver high-speed and high-bandwidth performance.

In this category, you can find connectors with a variety of pin counts, including 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin, 8-pin, 12-pin, and 17-pin, etc.

Our connectors incorporate advanced technologies to meet evolving industry demands. Whether you’re in manufacturing, automotive, transportation, or any other industry, our connectors provide reliable and efficient solutions.

Metabee is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, and we strive to provide customers with cutting-edge connectivity solutions that exceed expectations.

Explore our collection now and discover the perfect connectors to meet your needs.