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Rubber antennas, also named as rubber duck antennas, are a type of omnidirectional antenna commonly used in portable communication devices such as two-way radios, walkie-talkies, and handheld scanners.
It is called a rubber antenna because it is typically encased in a rubber or plastic material that provides protection against damage and weather conditions.
Rubber antennas are often flexible and bendable, which makes them ideal for use in portable devices that may be subject to rough handling. They are also generally shorter and smaller than other types of antennas.
One advantage of rubber antennas is that they are omnidirectional, meaning they can receive and transmit signals from any direction.

Rubber Duck Antennas Provided by Metabeee

Products Feature

Foldable Antenna
90°~180° can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the antenna rod can rotate freely, which can adjust the signal to the best state

Metabee Antenna Product Feature
Metabee Antenna Product Feature (2)

RF Series Interface
Rigorous production of international standards, optional BNC, TNC, N, SMA and RP-SMA connector

Visible Quality
High specification environmentally material is used. Ensure stable signal transmission and strong anti-interference

Metabee Antenna Product Feature (3)


Metabee Antenna Product Benefits UVA Wireless (1)

UAV Wireless Application
UAV remote control application, sensitive signal, strong transmission far penetration

Metabee Antenna Product Benefits Router

Router/NIC Wireless Application Case
High-gain glue stick antenna, super strong signal through the wall 360 degree Coverage, plug and play

Metabee Antenna Application

Smart Factory
DTU Module
Smart Home
City Traffic Monitoring

Product Name

Rubber Duck Antenna

Frequency Range

315MHz, 433MHz, 470MHz, 700-1800MHz, 700-2700MHz, 600-6000MHz, 2400-2500MHz, 5150-5850MHz

Operating Voltage






Gain (dBi)

2dBi, 3dBi, 5dBi, 6dBi, Customized

Polarization Type

Vertical Polarization


ABS, Rubber

Operating Temperature


Cable Type

RG174, RG58

Antenna Connector

BNC, N Type, SMA, TNC, TS9, Customized

Connector Material

Brass with Gold Plated, Copper, Nickle Plated

Antenna Size

3cm, 5cm, 7cm, 10cm, 15cm, Customized


Black, White, Customized



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