SMA Male to Right Angle MCX Male Adapter Cable Using RG316 Coax, 20cm

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SMA Male to Right Angle MCX Male Adapter Cable Using RG316 Coax, 20cm

Main Specifications:

  • Connector 1: SMA Male
  • Connector 1 – Orientation: Straight
  • Connector 2: MCX Male
  • Connector 2 – Orientation: Right Angle
  • Cable Type: RG316
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Cable Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Weight: 14.6 g

Applications of this SMA Male to Right Angle MCX Male Adapter Cable:

  • Telecommunications: Cell towers, base stations.
  • Broadcasting: TV and radio broadcasting studios, satellite uplinks and downlinks, and cable distribution networks.
  • Wireless Communication: Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth connections.
  • Satellite Communication: Transmitting signals between ground stations and satellites.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: Communication between different components, navigation systems, and radar systems.
  • Medical Equipment: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines.
  • Radar Systems: transmitting high-frequency signals to and from antennas and radar processing equipment
  • Industrial Applications: Process control, remote monitoring, and data transmission.
  • RFID Systems: Connecting RFID readers to antennas.
  • GPS Systems: Transmitting and receiving signals between GPS antennas and receivers.
  • Automotive: GPS navigation, entertainment systems, and wireless connectivity.
  • Security Systems: Transmitting signals between cameras, sensors, and monitoring equipment.
  • Scientific Research: Radio astronomy, particle accelerators.

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Cable Type


Product No.


Product Name

SMA Male to Right Angle MCX Male Adapter Cable Using RG316 Coax





Cable Series


Connector 1

SMA Male

Connector 1 - Orientation


Connector 2

MCX Male

Connector 2 - Orientation

Right Angle

Cable Length


Cable Color


Cable Impedance

50 Ohms

Frequency Range




Operating Temperature


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