Right Angle M12 8 Pin A Coded Male Field Wireable Connector, Plastic Shell, PG7 / PG9

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Right Angle M12 8 Pin A Coded Male Field Wireable Connector, Plastic Shell, PG7 / PG9

Main Specifications:

Product Number: M12-08-A-P-3-R  
Connector Series: M12 Field Wireable Connector  
Connector Gender: Male  
Orientation: Right Angle  
Connector Coding: A Coded  
Number of Contacts: 8 Pin  
Contact Termination: Screw Joint  
Mount Method: Cable Type  
Thread Aperture: PG7 / PG9  
Shielding: Unshielded  
Rated Voltage: 30V  
Rated Current: 2A  
Insulation Resistance: ≥100 MΩ  
Contact Resistance: <10 MΩ  
Coupling Method: Threaded Coupling  
Wire Gauge: 0.14/0.25/0.34/0.5mm²/(26/24/22/20AWG)  
Operating Temperature: -25°C to 85°C  
IP Rating: IP67 / IP68  

Applications of this Right Angle M12 8 Pin A Coded Male Field Wireable Connector:

M12 circular connectors are widely used in various industries due to their robustness, reliability, and versatility. Here are some applications:

  • Industrial Automation: Connecting sensors, actuators, and other devices on the factory floor.
  • Fieldbus Networks: Facilitating data transmission between industrial devices, controllers, and systems in Fieldbus communication networks such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, and DeviceNet.
  • Transportation: Connecting various sensors, cameras, lighting systems, and communication devices in onboard systems for trains, buses, and automobiles.
  • Renewable Energy: Connecting sensors, controllers, and power distribution units in renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Machine Vision Systems: transmitting high-resolution images and data in machine vision systems where cameras and sensors are used for quality control, inspection, and monitoring.
  • Medical Devices: Connecting various sensors, diagnostic tools, and monitoring devices in medical devices and equipment.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Connecting sensors, actuators, and control devices in automated production and packaging systems.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Connecting sensors, GPS systems, and control devices in agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Marine and Offshore Applications: Connecting navigation equipment, communication systems, and sensors on ships, offshore platforms, and underwater vehicles.
  • Security and Surveillance Systems: Connecting cameras, sensors, and access control devices.

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Product No.


Product Name

Right Angle M12 8 Pin A Coded Male Field Wireable Connector, Plastic Shell, PG7 / PG9





Connector Series

M12 Connector

Connector Gender



Right Angle

Connector Coding

A Coded

Number of Contacts

8 pin

Contact Termination

Screw Joint

Mount Method

Cable Type

Mount Feature

Not Applicable

Cable OD

4-6mm, 6-8mm

Thread Aperture

PG7, PG9

Shielding Performance


Shell Material


Shell Plating


Pin Contact Material


Socket Contact Material


Contact Plating


Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Insulation Resistance

≥100 MΩ

Contact Resistance

<10 MΩ

Coupling Method

Threaded Coupling

Wire Gauge


Operating Temperature

-25°C to 85°C

IP Rating

IP67, IP68

Other Features


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