M8 6 Ports Actuator / Sensor Junction Box with Integrated Control Cable, 6x M8 A-coded 3 Pin Female Connector, LED Indicator

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M8 6 Ports Actuator / Sensor Junction Box with Integrated Control Cable, 6x M8 A-coded 3 Pin Female Connector, LED Indicator


M8 actuator/sensor junction box, 6 port version, with LED operation and function indicators, 6x M8 A-coded 3-pin female connector, 1 signal per socket. This M8 junction box has an integrated control cable and a PVC / PUR jacket. Cable length: 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 15 m, or customized.


Part No.: M8-6C-L-GY  
Product Type: M8 Distribution Box  
Number of Ports: 6  
I/O Connection: M8, 3 Pin, A Coded  
Rated Voltage: 24V DC/AC  
Nominal voltage: 10-30V DC  
Rated Current: 2A  
Total Current: 6A  
Terminal Connection: Integrated Control Cable  
Housing Material: PBT GF  
O-ring Material: NBR  
Protection Degree / IP Rating: IP67  

Selection Table:

Part Number Number of Ports LED Indicator Cable Jacket Material Cable Length
M8-6C-1L-1.0-NPN-337GY 6 NPN PVC 1m
M8-6C-1L-2.0-NPN-337GY 6 NPN PVC 2m
M8-6C-1L-3.0-NPN-337GY 6 NPN PVC 3m
M8-6C-1L-5.0-NPN-337GY 6 NPN PVC 5m
M8-6C-1L-7.0-NPN-337GY 6 NPN PVC 7m
M8-6C-1L-10.0-NPN-337GY 6 NPN PVC 10m
M8-6C-1L-15.0-NPN-337GY 6 NPN PVC 15m
M8-6C-1L-1.0-NPN-301GY 6 NPN PUR 1m
M8-6C-1L-2.0-NPN-301GY 6 NPN PUR 2m
M8-6C-1L-3.0-NPN-301GY 6 NPN PUR 3m
M8-6C-1L-5.0-NPN-301GY 6 NPN PUR 5m
M8-6C-1L-7.0-NPN-301GY 6 NPN PUR 7m
M8-6C-1L-10.0-NPN-301GY 6 NPN PUR 10m
M8-6C-1L-15.0-NPN-301GY 6 NPN PUR 15m
M8-6C-1L-1.0-PNP-337GY 6 PNP PVC 1m
M8-6C-1L-2.0-PNP-337GY 6 PNP PVC 2m
M8-6C-1L-3.0-PNP-337GY 6 PNP PVC 3m
M8-6C-1L-5.0-PNP-337GY 6 PNP PVC 5m
M8-6C-1L-7.0-PNP-337GY 6 PNP PVC 7m
M8-6C-1L-10.0-PNP-337GY 6 PNP PVC 10m
M8-6C-1L-15.0-PNP-337GY 6 PNP PVC 15m
M8-6C-1L-1.0-PNP-301GY 6 PNP PUR 1m
M8-6C-1L-2.0-PNP-301GY 6 PNP PUR 2m
M8-6C-1L-3.0-PNP-301GY 6 PNP PUR 3m
M8-6C-1L-5.0-PNP-301GY 6 PNP PUR 5m
M8-6C-1L-7.0-PNP-301GY 6 PNP PUR 7m
M8-6C-1L-10.0-PNP-301GY 6 PNP PUR 10m
M8-6C-1L-15.0-PNP-301GY 6 PNP PUR 15m
M8-6C-2L-1.0-NPN-357GY 6 NPN PVC 1m
M8-6C-2L-2.0-NPN-357GY 6 NPN PVC 2m
M8-6C-2L-3.0-NPN-357GY 6 NPN PVC 3m
M8-6C-2L-5.0-NPN-357GY 6 NPN PVC 5m
M8-6C-2L-7.0-NPN-357GY 6 NPN PVC 7m
M8-6C-2L-10.0-NPN-357GY 6 NPN PVC 10m
M8-6C-2L-15.0-NPN-357GY 6 NPN PVC 15m
M8-6C-2L-1.0-NPN-359GY 6 NPN PUR 1m
M8-6C-2L-2.0-NPN-359GY 6 NPN PUR 2m
M8-6C-2L-3.0-NPN-359GY 6 NPN PUR 3m
M8-6C-2L-5.0-NPN-359GY 6 NPN PUR 5m
M8-6C-2L-7.0-NPN-359GY 6 NPN PUR 7m
M8-6C-2L-10.0-NPN-359GY 6 NPN PUR 10m
M8-6C-2L-15.0-NPN-359GY 6 NPN PUR 15m
M8-6C-2L-1.0-PNP-357GY 6 PNP PVC 1m
M8-6C-2L-2.0-PNP-357GY 6 PNP PVC 2m
M8-6C-2L-3.0-PNP-357GY 6 PNP PVC 3m
M8-6C-2L-5.0-PNP-357GY 6 PNP PVC 5m
M8-6C-2L-7.0-PNP-357GY 6 PNP PVC 7m
M8-6C-2L-10.0-PNP-357GY 6 PNP PVC 10m
M8-6C-2L-15.0-PNP-357GY 6 PNP PVC 15m
M8-6C-2L-1.0-PNP-359GY 6 PNP PUR 1m
M8-6C-2L-2.0-PNP-359GY 6 PNP PUR 2m
M8-6C-2L-3.0-PNP-359GY 6 PNP PUR 3m
M8-6C-2L-5.0-PNP-359GY 6 PNP PUR 5m
M8-6C-2L-7.0-PNP-359GY 6 PNP PUR 7m
M8-6C-2L-10.0-PNP-359GY 6 PNP PUR 10m
M8-6C-2L-15.0-PNP-359GY 6 PNP PUR 15m


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  • Robotic Machinery

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Product No.


Product Name

M8 6 Ports Actuator / Sensor Junction Box with Integrated Control Cable

Product Type

M8 Distribution Box

Number of Ports

6 Ports

I/O Connection

M8, 3 Pin, A Coded

Rated Voltage


Nominal Voltage

10-30V DC

Rated Current


Total Current


Environmental Temperature

-25℃ to +80℃

LED Indicator


LED Indicator Type


Terminal Connection

Integrated Control Cable

Interface Thread


Housing Material


Housing Color


O-ring Material


Protection Degree / IP Rating, Mounted


Other Features


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