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Magnetic antenna, also named as a loop antenna or a ferrite antenna, is a type of antenna that uses a magnetic field to receive or transmit electromagnetic waves.

The antenna is made up of a loop of wire or a coil wrapped around a ferrite rod or core, which helps to concentrate the magnetic field. Magnetic antennas are a useful and versatile type of antenna that can be used in a variety of applications where a small and efficient antenna is needed.

Metabee Magnetic Antenna Rroduct Introduction

Products Feature

The performance of a magnetic antenna is determined by several factors, including the size and shape of the loop, the number of turns in the coil, and the permeability of the ferrite core. A larger loop with more turns will generally provide better performance, but will also be more difficult to tune to a specific frequency.

Strong Magnet
Can Be Used on Metal Objects Indoors and Outdoors

Metabee Magnetic Antenna Product Feature (1)
Metabee Magnetic Antenna Product Feature (3)

High Quality Copper Wire
High Conductivity Oxygen-free Copper Core Wire
Fast Signal Transmission
More Stable Signal

Stable Helical Spring
Copper Spiral
Signal Transmission is More Stable
Strong and Durable Connection

Metabee Magnetic Antenna Product Feature (2)
Metabee Magnetic Antenna Product Feature (4)

SMA Interface
International Standard
Rigorous Production
Optional Sma and Rp-sma Connector


Magnetic antenna is often used in portable radios, walkie-talkies, and other communication devices because of its compact size and efficiency. It is also used in RFID (radio-frequency identification) systems and other wireless applications where a small, efficient antenna is needed.

Metabee Magnetic Antenna Product Application

Wireless Monitoring
Bluetooth Module
Smart Home

Product Name

Magnetic Antenna

Gain (dBi)

3dBi, 5dBi, 8dBi, 10dBi, 12dBi, Customized

Frequency Range

315MHz, 433MHz, 470MHz, 700-1800MHz, 700-2700MHz, 600-6000MHz, 2400-2500MHz, 5150-5850MHz





Operating Voltage


Antenna Size


Antenna Connector

BNC, N Type, SMA, TNC, Customized

Cable Length

1m, 3m, 5m, Customized

Cable Type

RG174, RG58, Customized

Polarization Type

Vertical Polarization


Black, White





Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


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