Straight 8mm 200A Single Core HV Battery Storage Socket Connector with M8 Screw Termination, Orange

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Straight 8mm 200A Single Core HV Battery Storage Socket Connector with M8 Screw Termination, Orange

Main Specifications:

Part No.: RHT-S008-T02-OG  
Product Type: Energy Storage Connector  
Connector Type: Socket  
Orientation: Straight  
Number of Positions: 1  
Contact Size: 8mm  
Termination: Threaded Post  
Operating Voltage: 1000V  
Current Rating: 200A  
Mount Method: Panel Mount  
Mount Feature: 4-hole Flange  
Applicable Cable Size: None  
Color: Orange  
Weight: 35g  

Applications of this 8mm 200A Battery Storage Socket Connector:

Energy storage connectors play a crucial role in various applications. They facilitate the efficient and dependable transfer of electrical energy to and from energy storage systems. Here are a few applications where energy storage connectors are required:

  1. Renewable Energy Systems:

  • Solar Power Stations: Energy storage connectors enable the seamless integration of solar power systems with energy storage units.
  • Wind Farms: These connectors help link wind turbines to energy storage systems. They ensure a steady and reliable power supply even when wind speeds fluctuate.
  1. Electric Vehicles (EVs):

  • Battery Charging Infrastructure: Energy storage connectors are used in charging stations for electric vehicles. They facilitate the quick and efficient transfer of energy between the grid and the vehicle’s battery.
  • Onboard Energy Storage: These connectors are crucial components in electric vehicles’ energy storage systems. They can enable rapid charging and discharging of batteries for improved performance and range.
  1. Smart Grids:

  • Grid Stabilization: Energy storage connectors play a role in stabilizing the electric grid. They can store excess energy during periods of low demand and release it during peak demand, helping to balance the load.
  • Microgrids: This connector is essential for integrating energy storage systems into microgrids. It provides resilience and reliability in isolated or distributed energy networks.
  1. Industrial Applications:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems: These connectors are used in UPS systems to ensure a continuous power supply during grid outages, preventing disruptions in critical industrial processes.
  • Peak Shaving: They contribute to peak shaving strategies, allowing industries to draw power from storage during peak demand periods and reducing electricity costs.
  1. Data Centers:

  • Backup Power Systems: These connectors are employed in energy storage systems that provide backup power to data centers. They can ensure uninterrupted operation and prevent data loss during power outages.
  • Load Balancing: Energy storage connectors contribute to load balancing in data centers, optimizing energy usage and reducing overall operational costs.

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Product No.


Product Name

Straight 8mm 200A Single Core HV Battery Storage Socket Connector with M8 Screw Termination, Orange





Connector Series

Energy Storage Connector

Connector Gender




Number of Positions


Contact Size



Threaded Post

Operating Voltage


Current Rating


Mount Method

Panel Mount

Mount Feature

4-Hole Flange

Applicable Cable Size


Shell Material


Contact Material


Contact Finish

Silver Plated

Shielding Performance


IP Rating

Not Applicable



Operating Temperature

-40°C to 125°C

Other Features


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