24KV 630A Screened Branch Separable Insulated Connectors for Bushing Typc C

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24KV 630A Screened Branch Separable Insulated Connectors for Bushing Type C

We designed these screened separable insulated connectors for bushing type C (EN 50180/EN 50181) to connect polymeric cables to medium-voltage switchgear and transformers up to 24kV / 630A. They can offer a completely screened and submersible connection.


  • Front Screened Construction: We designed this separable connector to improve safety and protection. It will reduce the risk of accidental contact and ensure operator safety during maintenance or repairs.
  • Built-in Capacitance Test Point: We have designed this separable connector with a capacitance test point for quick assessment of circuit status. It also includes the option to install fault indicators for simplifying maintenance and fault detection processes.
  • No Minimum Phase Clearance Requirements: There is no need for specific phase clearance requirements for this connector. This feature provides installation flexibility and reduces constraints in space-limited environments.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: This separable connector supports vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between for mounting. So, you can use it for different installation configurations and spatial constraints.
  • High-Quality Materials: We manufactured these separable insulated connectors from high-quality EPDM and silicone rubber. So, they can provide a long service life and easy installation.


Product Type: 24kV 630A Separable Connector
Conductor Size: 35-400 mm²
Insulation Material: EPDM and Silicone Rubber
Continuous Operating Voltage: 12kV / 20kV
Continuous Nominal Current: 630A
AC Withstand Voltage: 24kV
Partial Discharge Voltage: 52kV <10pC
5 min AC Withstand Voltage: 117kV
15 min DC Withstand Voltage: 104kV
Impulse Withstand Voltage: 200kV ± 10kV


We designed this pre-molded separable connector to connect polymeric cables to transformers, switchgear, motors, and various equipment. Key features include:

  1. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, it ensures consistent performance in a variety of environments.
  2. Designed to accommodate system voltages of up to 24 kV, making it suitable for medium-voltage applications.
  3. Capable of handling a continuous current of 630 A and sustaining overloads of up to 900 A for 8 hours, providing adaptability for varying electrical demands.
  4. Compatible with a range of cable particulars:
  • Polymeric cables, including XLPE, EPR, and so on.
  • Accommodates both copper and aluminum conductors for enhanced flexibility.
  • Supports semiconducting or metallic screens for optimized performance.
  • Conductor size: 24kV 25-400 mm².

Selection Guide:

Product No. Conductor Cross Section (mm²) Insulated Outer Diameter Cable Type Size of Stress Cone
JB-24/630-35 35 18.6 12/20 B
JB-24/630-50 50 19.6 12/20 B
JB-24/630-70 70 21 12/20 B
JB-24/630-95 95 22.6 12/20 C
JB-24/630-120 120 24.2 12/20 C
JB-24/630-150 150 25.6 12/20 C
JB-24/630-185 185 27.2 12/20 D
JB-24/630-240 240 28.7 12/20 D
JB-24/630-300 300 31.1 12/20 E
JB-24/630-400 400 33.2 12/20 E


Scope of delivery:

Part Name Number
Front T body 3
Insulate plug 3
Sealing cap 3
Adaptor (stress cone) 3
Crimp connector 3
Stud bolt 1
Silicone 1
Assembly instructions 1

If you have any other special requirements, please contact our sales engineer.

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Product No.


Product Name

24KV 630A Screened Branch Separable Insulated Connectors for Bushing Typc C





Product Type

24kV 630A Separable Connector

Continuous Operating Voltage

12kV / 24kV

Continuous Nominal Current


AC Withstand Voltage


Partial Discharge Voltage

52kV <10pC

5 min AC Withstand Voltage


Dielectric Withstanding Voltage


Impulse Withstand Voltage

200kV ± 10kV

Conductor Size

35-400 mm2

Insulation Material

EPDM and silicone rubber





Other Features


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