Fanuc Servo Motor Power and Encoder Cables

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Fanuc Servo Motor Power and Encoder Cables


These pre-assembled servo motor cables are customized according to Fanuc standards. We made them deliver reliable signal transmission and optimal performance for your Fanuc servo motors.


  • Fanuc-Optimized Performance: Designed and manufactured specifically for Fanuc servo motors, ensuring perfect compatibility and maximizing motor performance.
  • Superior Shielding: Shielded construction effectively minimizes electrical noise and interference, guaranteeing accurate signal transmission for reliable motor operation.
  • Built to Last: Constructed with high-grade materials and robust jackets to endure the demanding conditions of industrial environments.
  • Flexible for Easy Routing: Flexible cable designs allow for smooth routing and installation within your machines, even in confined spaces with frequent movement.
  • Variety of Length Options: Available in a range of lengths to perfectly match the specific needs of your Fanuc servo motor and application layout.


FUNUC CNC Cable Assemblies

FUNUC CNC Connectors

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Applications of these Fanuc Servo Motor Power and Encoder Cables:

Here are some applications where FUNUC Servo Motor Power and Encoder Cables are commonly used:

  • Industrial Automation;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Food and Beverage;
  • Packaging Machinery;
  • Textile Machinery.

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